The inaugural Peach House Café for 2014-15 was held in Deering Commons on Sunday with a menu that would make a Bar Harbor bistro blush: apple crisp, steak and peppers, Southwest sweet potato soup, fruit smoothies, sweet potato fries, fruit salad, bacon-wrapped artichokes, salad, teriyaki chicken, sautéed broccoli …
“And a lot of doughnuts,” Christofaro-Hark said.
Some 50 to 75 people were served this time, he said.

“A group of us started doing this last year out of Peach House and it’s just grown and grown,” Christofaro-Hark said.

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Full Menu 9/14:
Apple crisp
Steak and peppers
Southwest sweet potato soup
Fruit smoothie
Sweet potato fries
Fruit salad
Bacon wrapped artichokes
Teriyaki chicken
Sauteed broccoli
A full chicken

And a lot of doughnuts

Even if you don’t want to eat now, bring a backpack and load up for the week. We have lots of extra fruit, apples pears, plums, papaya, etc.

September in COA’s community garden

What types of pets (if any) are students who live on campus allowed to have?


A few notes adapted from the admitted student handbook:

Small animals, reptiles, and fish are permitted in on-campus housing; dogs, cats, and birds are not permitted. However, certain conditions must be met in order to bring and keep such a pet. No one should bring a pet to live on campus without first consulting with their entire household at the first house or section meeting. Any animals or reptiles must be kept in an enclosure that allows them sufficient room to exercise at all times. As a rule of thumb, no enclosure should exceed 8 cubic feet (i.e. 2’ by 2’ by 2’).


(photo: baby chick at COA’s Peggy Rockefeller Farms)

Upcoming Outing Club Events

The outing club is offering a great calendar of events this term.
  • Outing Club Meeting: Tuesday at 5:45pm on the first floor of Deering.  Come learn about sailing, kayaking, and all of the activities and trips the outing club hosts.  
  • Cross Island Hike: On Wednesday from 6am to 12 noon we’ll be walking across the MDI, from COA to Seal Harbor.  This is a 5-6 hour, fairly flat walk.  If interested please email Nick Jenei.
  • Common Ground Fair: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is the Common Ground Fair.  We will have vans going to fair on Saturday and Sunday.  The vans will leave COA at 7:30am and return by 6:00pm. Please respond to this email if you would like a ride.
  • Hike for Mike hike-a-thon: COA is looking for 10 intrepid community members to be a part of our hiking team, The Hiking Black Flies, for the Hike for Mike fundraiser which supports addiction recovery and prevention on MDI.  The event takes place over 10 days in early October.  Our goal is to raise money through pledges by climbing as many peaks as we can.

Buildings at COA’s Peggy Rockefeller Farms

Spotted on COA’s campus

Horse at COA’s Peggy Rockefeller Farms

85 people brave frigid water for 24th annual Bar Island swim


#CelebrateCOA Graduation can’t keep me away!

- BBQ at COA post Bar Island swim

A liter bottle for a terrarium, a chainsaw with a guide, a coffee grinder, accordion folders, and a playmate for a dog were all on COA’s community email requests over the past 12 hours. Happy second day of classes!

September gardens at COA

Welcome back to school
Let’s make some friends in the pool
Polo is awesome
(A poem emailed by a recent COA grad to encourage new and returning students to join in at the Y.)

2014 Bar Island Swim yesterday! (As part of a 20+ year tradition, students jump into the water across the harbor and swim back to the college. They’re greeted by a cheering crowd of community members, hot chocolate, and a cookout.)

Solar panels at COA’s Peggy Rockefeller Farms

View from COA’s Thorndike Library